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Mt Youtei

Yotei is known as Ezo Fuji and is one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan.

It is a symmetrical stratified mountain with an elevation of 6,227 feet (1,898 m).

When it comes to powder snow, Niseko is the place to be.
Many skiers come from overseas.

Located in between Mt. Niseko Annupuri and Mt. Yotei, the town of Niseko is blessed with the type of high-quality water that is unique to areas of heavy snowfall.  The blessings of these beautiful natural surroundings allow our whisky to mature gently over time along with the changing of the four seasons.


Enjoy an extraordinary experience in the great outdoors of Niseko while enhancing communication with your fellow participants.

During the summer season, we offer a variety of adore activities and cultural menus, including rafting, river kayaking, trekking, MTB touring and adventure parks, as well as group dining.

This is a relaxing and leisurely river cruise that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, from small children to elderly ppl.

If you wear warm clothes, you won’t get cold! You won’t get wet. Enjoy a relaxing float down the river while enjoying the view of Mt Youtei.

The wide range of hot springs (onsen) in the Niseko mountain area is one of the many charms of Niseko! To give everyone comfortable and carefree access to Niseko’s hot springs, we created the Niseko Yu Meguri Pass.

You can enjoy the “fountainhead hot spring” from the Oyunuma Swamp, which boasts an abundance of hot water.

The area is filled with the smell of sulfur, and the hot spring is full of wild nature.
Behind Yukichichibu, there is a swamp.
It is “Oyunuma” located in the foot of Chisenupuri of the Niseko mountain range. A hot spring is gushing out.

When you reach the top of Niseko’s mountains while gazing at the sea of ​​clouds below, you’ll find yourself in
a hot spring village located 750 meters above the Niseko mountain range.
Goshiki Onsen is surrounded by the unique sulfur smell of hot springs
, and is open to the beautiful scenery of the mountains.
The fresh green that changes color with the slow thaw is vivid to the eye, and in
autumn, the whole mountain turns vivid colors, inviting you to another world.

The Free Space hosts small takeout shops and a farmers’ market. In the farmers’ market, fresh agricultural products are sold directly from farmers in the Niseko area. Under the motto of “safe, secure, and inexpensive,” the farmers’ market offers fresh and rare seasonal vegetables that are picked in the morning and sold at reasonable prices. Also, our takeout shops are very particular about using only Niseko-produced ingredients! We highly recommend eating outside, where you can have a lovely view of Mt. Yotei!

Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, soft ice cream, etc. are excellent.